2023 African Fashion Show - Perth

Venue: Vasto club, Balcatta

Date: 16th Sept 2023

Time: 6 – 10pm

At D’Beautifiers, we are excited to, once again, bring the African Fashion Show to the beautiful city of Perth with the full aim of deepening the fashion narrative in Australia and beyond with African creations.

In its 5th season, the African Fashion Show epitomizes the latest trends in style, colour, and designs coming from the motherland – Africa.

At this year’s show, we will be presenting the works of Western Australia based fashion designers of African descent. This will be in the array of beautiful fabrics that have been carefully sketched and stitched to bring out their unique colours and amazing fit curated specially for you.

The show provides an unparalleled opportunity for attendees and designers to network and project to Australia and the wider world the development in fashion from the African context.

From Cape to Cairo, Mombasa to Dakar, you will be spoiled with varieties in functional designs, there is something to look out for and learn concerning the people and fashion of Africa. Our beautiful models will be adorned in these lovely fabrics, complemented by the necessary accessories that make unique statements for anyone, wherever they go.

There will be live entertainment and 10% of the revenue from ticket sales shall be donated to a charity as we have usually done.

This magazine and the African Fashion Show presented on its glossy pages are the output of endless days of work, made possible by the support and encouragement received from many. 

I am humbled by the assistance and at the rare moments when the burden of the responsibility weighs us down, it is this fortitude that rekindles the fire and gets us going.

The 3rd edition will be out and available to purchase during the 2023 African Fashion Show – Perth. It brings to life, in its glossy pages, the best designs that were modelled at the 2022 show. It is our way of furthering the dissemination of the colours and vibrancy of the rich heritage that we have an Africans and allowing a better understanding and appreciation of our beings. 

We look forward to your continued support of our mission – presenting Africa to the world through fashion.

How CALD designers like Safuratu Bakare are using fashion to showcase rich tapestry of multicultural community.

The SBS team were at hand to cover the 2022 African Fashion Show. The news coverage is available as a podcast,

Kindly click here to listen to the podcast.